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Quiz: What Do You Know About The Microbiome?

Quiz: What Do You Know About The Microbiome?

Think you know the gut microbiome? Take our quiz to see what knowledge has stuck in your head about this amazing ecosystem.

The gut microbiome is a hot topic, that’s why you come to our blog: we’ve got articles on all the important functions performed by gut bacteria for your health.

For a change, we’re not going to batter you with interesting science facts. Instead, we’ve created a fun quiz to test your smarts on the gut microbiome. We hope you like it!

Check what you know about this ecosystem that lives in the large intestine and contains more DNA than the human body itself. It has many benefits for your digestive health, but it also plays an important role protecting you from disease.

Research indicates that the benefits of a healthy, diverse microbiome have an impact on every aspect of our wellbeing, including depression, anxiety and stress. They even produce essential nutrients, like vitamins and short-chain fatty acids.

So, if you think you've mastered the subject, take this gut microbiome quiz, answer all eleven questions and prove yourself right. Don’t forget to share your results on social media, and see how your friends do too!

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