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Nailed It: Highlights From The Gut Stuff

Nailed It: Highlights From The Gut Stuff

If lavender-rosemary kombucha gin cocktails and breakfasts of nuts, fruit and berries on a bed of kefir are your idea of heaven, then you missed out big time.

1,500 + free breakfasts were handed out

It all went down at the Gut Stuff event in Manchester a few weeks ago. Fortunately it was but one of many events we’ll be attending this year to add some sparkle to your calendar. There were bacterial beasties, digestive disco dance talks on gut health and wet dreams of avocado smoothies.

Hoodies, hipsters and middle-aged men in tweed mingled seamlessly during those 4 days of intense fermentation and fibre euphoria that attracted big names in nutrition, wellbeing and food. All that was missing perhaps, was a herd of goats nibbling on some hemp laundry or unicorns blowing raspberry rainbows.

Fresh faces and famous names

7,000 free breakfast were served and revellers munched blueberries, fruits, nuts, kefir and kombucha. Shoulders were rubbed with amazing people making change real, like our partner Vanessa Kimbell, master sourdough baker and founder of the Sourdough School.

Miguel Mateas, our favourite speaker came on stage for Atlas Biomed, and nailed his talk on the topic of gut health and the microbiome. If laughter can grow good gut bacteria, then our audience got their money's worth. He was even joined by Sergey Musienko, our honestly awesome founder and CEO, quenching the audience's burning thirst for knowledge.

Of course, there were a few bloggers and influencers touting "glowing" skin and size zero waistlines while using photo filters. But mainly there were lots of authentically engaging role models for health and fitness that promoted real self-love and healthy bodies without a glint of starvation in their eyes.

To name a few, Embarrassing Bodies Dr. Dawn, nutritionists Laura Tilt and Eve Kalinik as well as dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto. You may recognise her from season 1 of the Doctor’s Kitchen podcast on Eating for Skin Health. If you haven’t heard it, we’ve embedded it below for your listening pleasure.

Fermented beverages galore

We especially loved the producers of fermented goodness that, in moderation, add a nice alternative to the drinking regimen of anybody who has sworn off fizzy drinks and is cutting back on bubbly alcoholic libations.

Emerging from a few dark decades, kombucha and kefir are fermented drinks that society had earmarked for use by hippies and the unwashed back in the 1960s. But they are finally coming into their own and attracting scientific interest in the field of gut health and microbiome diversity. We look forward to seeing what research says!

We also published an amazing and mouth watering smoothie recipe for gut and brain health by our own speaker at the event, Miguel Toribio Mateas. He is among a handful of nutritionist neuroscientists worldwide, and probably the only one with the innate ability to talk to us normal humans about complex health matters.

Save the date!

Sadly, like all good things, the Gut Stuff Manchester also came to a close after a marathon of gutness and free goodies. Fortunately, it has given us even more ideas for our next big event.
10 - 12 May
Join us at Balance Festival London

Save the date and join us in London for Balance Festival from 10 to 12 May 2019. There'll be even more intestinal grooves and soft moist spaces filled with love and gut stuff, summed up perfectly by Miguel's dazzling video for this event.

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart Head of Atlas Biomed content, trained chef and avid fermenter of edible bacteria.

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