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Top 20 Health & Wellness Xmas Gifts For 2021

Top 20 Health & Wellness Xmas Gifts For 2021

Christmas is fast approaching, and if you still haven’t got around to buying this year’s gifts, we have you covered. Whether you’re shopping for a picky partner, indecisive parent or sporty sibling, we all have physical and mental health, so it is never a bad idea to invest in products that can support overall wellbeing.

We’ve compiled a list of products that can help with sleep hygiene, mental wellbeing, gut health and lastly, fitness performance. From books and massage guns to alarm clocks and memberships, there is something for everyone:

Table of contents

Gut Health

1.) Premium Organic Kombucha Making Kit


This amazing kit from Boo Chi contains everything you need to brew 3 litres of Kombucha at home, including a live organic Scoby and starter liquid!

Though the research is nascent, some studies suggest kombucha is full of antioxidants and polyphenols, both of which can support gut health.

Price: £50.00

2.) Eat Yourself Healthy by Megan Rossi

Drawing on a decade of experience as a dietician and consultant at the gut health clinic, Dr Megan Rossi shows you how to boost gut health with 50 delicious recipes.

Additionally, Rossi explores common digestive issues, including IBS and bloating, offering tips on how these can be managed effectively with both lifestyle and dietary changes. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to nourish their gut and improve overall wellbeing.

Price: £12.69

3.) Squatty Potty


This simple but smart gadget allows you to poop how nature intended: in the squatting position. By sitting this way, the rectal canal can fully open, resulting in a strain-free poop. Better still, it can reduce your risk of haemorrhoids and put an end to excessive wiping!

Price £27.99

4.) The Gut Stuff Bundle


Alongside a copy of The Gut Stuff's informative book, you’ll receive:

  • A gut diary
  • A gut planning kit
  • 12 x good fibrations bars (3 x 4 flavours)

This is a great aid for anyone trying to improve their gut health and eat more prebiotics!

Price: £30.00

5.) Atlas Microbiome Test (duh!)


Discover the diversity and richness of the bacteria that call your gut home, plus get weekly, personalised food recommendations to maintain or improve your gut health. We even offer a free consultation with our resident nutritionist!

Price: £160.00

Mental Wellbeing

6.) Headspace Membership


Headspace is a meditation app aiming to bring a little bit of calm into each of our lives. Whether you are trying to sleep better, stress less or incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, Headspace has something for you.

For £9.99 per month, you can access a library of yoga exercises, guided meditation podcasts, focus music playlists and relaxing sleep sounds.

Price: £9.99 Per Month

7.) The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

This short book contains a rich selection of life-affirming wisdom from the bestselling authour Matt Haig. Drawing on his own hardships, Haig offers advice on how to nurture inner strength, practice self-love and maintain hope in hard times. For anyone looking to add a little self-care into their routine, the Comfort Book is a perfect gift.

Price: £9.00

8.) WoodWick Crackle Candle


Whilst slightly more expensive than other candles on the market, WoodWick has crackle technology, creating a soothing ambience that can help you to unwind after a long day. Whether you light it whilst reading, bathing or journaling, the mellow sound and crafted scents add another layer to your downtime.

Price: £19.99

9.) Mini Mindful Moments Candle Set


These handmade, honey-scented mini candles burn for twenty minutes, allowing you the time to relax, unwind and engage in mindfulness.

Top Tip: Light a candle and do some journaling until it goes out. Meditation works just as well too!

Price: £18.50

10.) Heights Braincare Journal


This clever braincare journal blends the physical with the digital; whilst you work through gratitude exercises and habit tracking pages, you can scan QR codes and access exclusive podcasts and videos online. The journal is based on up to date research and was developed with braincare experts to promote wellbeing.

Price: £24.99

Sleep Hygiene

11.) Bodyclock Shine 300


Are you fed up of rude awakenings from an iPhone alarm? The Bodyclock Shine 300 gently wakes you up with a gradually brightening light, meaning you’ll rise refreshed in the mornings.

The Bodyclock shine 300 has a corresponding sunset mode at night, slowly dimming in order to reduce the bodies production of melatonin. Other features include a white noise sound, allowing you to cancel out background traffic or sirens.

Price: £129.00

12.) Why We Sleep: The New Science Of Why We Sleep And Dream

In this Sunday Times Bestselling book, Professor Matthew Walker explores everything from REM sleep and the circadian rhythm to how alcohol and caffeine affect our sleep cycles. By doing so, he shows how sleep is as important for our health, if not more so, than diet and exercise.

Price: £9.34

13.) Bose Sleepbuds II


Whilst they look like headphones, the sleep buds don’t stream music or podcasts. Instead, they deliver relaxing ambience and noise-masking sounds from a specially curated library.

Combine with a blackout mask to give someone the ultimate gift of a good night's rest. These would be perfect for a frequent traveller or night shift worker.

Price: £219.00

14.) Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleepmask


Nodpods award-winning weighted design evenly distributes gentle pressure across the head, ensuring complete blackout and a pleasant fit. Plus, the dual material design is cooling on one side and warming on the other, allowing you to wear it all year round.

Price: $34.00

15.) Calm Sleep App Subscription


The Calm application offers hundreds of hours of guided meditation covering anxiety, relaxation, stress and sleep. For those who like to dose off to a good audiobook, Calm also offers a library of over 100 sleep stories narrated by people such as Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey.

Price: Starting from £28.99

Fitness & Performance

16.) Theragun Mini Massager


The Theragun mini is a small but powerful portable massager offering quality muscle treatment when you are on the go. This would make a great gift for a runner or gym-goer that wants to level up their recovery regime.

Price: £175.00

17.) Fiit Membership Giftcard


Bring the gym home with a Fiit membership, the number one fitness app with hundreds of classes, including:

  • HIIT
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Strength training
  • Stretching exercises

These classes are available at multiple difficulty levels, meaning this would be a great gift for fitness fanatics and newcomers alike!

Price: £20.00-£120.00

18.) Foam Roller Water Bottle


This innovative product is both a water bottle and foam roller, allowing you to stretch and hydrate on the go. This is perfect for those who want to travel lightly to the gym or relieve soreness during the workday.

Price: £39.27

19.) Reversible Lululemon Yoga Mat


This premium yoga mat is both functional and stylish, plus it comes in a range of designs. The natural rubber material can help you find balance during sessions and provides cushioning for your knees. This would make a great gift for the yogi in your life.

Price: $88.00

20.) LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle


Whilst the price is steep, this bottle boasts a lot of features. Firstly, the LARQ is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle. Secondly, with PureVis technology, you can purify water with the touch of a button in just 60 seconds. The LARQ also keeps water cold for 24 hours and warm drinks hot for 12!

Price: £95.00

21.) Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch


The Fitbit Versa 2 is a premium fitness smartwatch that tracks your sleep, measures your daily steps, and monitors your heart rate. For those trying to get fitter, the Versa 2 also logs how many hours you are active each week.


All of these products were available for the prices listed at the time of publishing.

☝️DISCLAIMER☝This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Ross Carver-Carter
Ross Carver-Carter Relationship counsellor for humans and their microbes

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