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Nailed It: Listen To Your Gut Event

Nailed It: Listen To Your Gut Event

Our free events are the best in town: world-class experts, probiotic drinks, prebiotic snacks, goodie bags and a great location. Umm, what’s not to like?

Sure, we could be modest and pretend it was just an okay event, but that would be factually incorrect. It would also do a disservice to all the amazing guests that attended and the awesome support of gut-friendly British businesses that made it possible.

We executed our mission with the same dedication, precision and accuracy we put into testing gut microbes. Our aim? To spread the word about gut health and give you top tips to take control of your health with small tweaks to your lifestyle, diet and routine.

We sweetened the deal with awesome goodie bags

That’s why we’ve included lots of great links, videos and podcasts in this article: so you can keep learning from reliable sources that have been reviewed and approved for their scientific accuracy by our team of strict and diligent health experts.

The event kicked off with our host Ailish Lucas, an award-winning natural beauty blogger from Manchester. Passionate about putting the right stuff on her skin and in her body, she helped us set the tone for an evening that would inevitably cover the topic of human faeces in detail.

Fortunately, a surprisingly attractive group of humans of all ages and genders, spanning many countries and cultures made up our expert panel on human gut microbiome research and nutrition. And that certainly helps to make potty talk more palatable.

Our head of research, his dangling earpiece, and people on uncomfortable stools

Here's who was on our panel:

  • Miguel Toribio-Mateas, neuroscientist & nutritionist
  • Sergey Musienko, founder & CEO of Atlas Biomed
  • Lily Soutter, nutritionist and wellness expert
  • Dmitry Alexeev, head of research for Atlas Biomed
  • Barry Smith, farmer-turned-chairman of Symprove

Nutrition: eat to sleep

If you’ve ever wondered how stress affects your body, and how to eat for better sleep, then you’re not alone. And that’s what London-based nutritionist Lily Soutter was there to discuss.

Garbed in a fabulous kimono, she put on a captivating talk about how to sleep better and why stress has tangible consequences for human health. If you missed out, or want a refresher, check out her article 10 ways to a better night’s sleep.

Omics: the biology of everything

Our founder and CEO, Sergey Musienko, was there too. That could be boring, except for the fact that this man is anything but. He’s not only a master karaoke singer, he’s a CEO who actually masters the subject of at-hand.

A graduate of bioinformatics, Sergey was building one of the world’s first genome and microbiome testing companies while most of us were learning the art of adulting.

His area of expertise? Using technology and the unlimited power of computer modelling to explore how specific molecules affect human health, and using this to find individual solutions to health problems.

This field is going to define the future of health, even NASA thinks so - and they made an amazing video about it. So we shared that too.

Good food for your mood

We could have stopped there, especially since we had an incredible menu for our guests by High Mood Food. Specialised in live, cultured foods with a focus on gut health, they really did an increbible job.

Drinks & shots ACV tonic lemonade
High-dration Green Juice
Oat kefir shots
Kraut brine shots

It was our pleasure to treat attendees to a selection of mouth-watering nibbles that nourish gut microbes too. And since we’re sharing, here’s what was on the menu that night.

If you focus on the healthy shots and drinks, you won't notice the bottles of gin

Canapés Avo smash, turmeric kraut, radish, on gluten-free bread
Hot smoked trout, beetroot miso puree, kraut, labneh
Tempeh falafel, coconut, mint & kefir raita
Chestnut flour brownie bites
Banana bread w/ caramel tahini sauce & trail mix topping
Matcha cheesecake bites

And to make it all go down, Wild Fizz Kombucha UK was on hand with free kombucha for all participants. There may have also been some kombucha-gin cocktails going around for those of lesser morals, but we won't comment on that.

Microbiome #101

Now that we’ve activated the digestive juices, let’s continue our retrospective journey through this Atlas Biomed event with Miguel Toribio-Mateas. This one-of-a-kind neuroscientist and nutritionist is specialised in disease risk reduction, and he was with us to explain some of the fundamental principles of the gut microbiome.

But seeing as he also featured on Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s award-winning podcast series, Feel Better, Live More, we’re going to recommend this enlightening episode in which Miguel explains the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

He also discusses how stress affects gut bacteria and how to choose good quality olive oil. As a native Spaniard, we’re happy to defer to him on all things food-related. Tapas anyone?

Microbiome Indiana Jones

And from the plains of Spain to the empty expanses of Siberia, our tour of the event panel continues with Dmitry Alexeev. He’s not a household name yet, but that’s because he’s spent years behind the screens, researching, writing and publishing papers on the gut microbiome.

Our crowd was not only well-dressed, they were captivated too

With 60 scientific articles to his name, he built the microbiome department at Atlas Biomed and leads our research projects from London. He’s currently overseeing our work with British universities and partners to investigate how diversifying and improving gut microbiome health can treat neurodegenerative diseases and improve success rates for cancer therapy.

What is less known is his time with native tribes in the vast flatlands of Siberian Russia. Like the UK’s professor Tim Spector, and Jeff Leach, the Texan co-founder of the American Gut Project, he has travelled to some of the world’s furthest reaches.

Not on holidays, just in case you were wondering. He was seeking stool from indigenous tribes to see exactly how diet and lifestyle impact health and gut microbial diversity. Oh, and he also found time to finish one or two Ironman Triathlons along the way.

Symprove your health

And finally, we had Barry Smith, former farmer and now chairman of Symprove. He started out on germinating grain as a clean feed for his animals, which led him to develop a method of pickling the grain using bacteria. This made his cows healthier.

Following extensive research and a range of independent testing, Symprove for people was launched in 2008. It’s unique formula has such potential for humans that medical scientists believe it might help a number of health conditions.

Sergey Musienko, Barry Smith, Lily Soutter, Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Ailish Lucas

Our microbiome technology is helping Symprove investigate whether it can help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s) as well as chemotherapy recovery and immunotherapy for cancer patients.


All in all, it was an incredible event where people could rub shoulders with those at the forefront of human health with good food, great cocktails and memories to last a lifetime.

If you want to nab tickets to our next event before all the seats are gone, and maybe even win a microbiome test or two, follow us on social media @atlasbiomed

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart Head of Atlas Biomed content, trained chef and avid fermenter of edible bacteria.
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