Quiz: what microbiome type are you?

Quiz: what microbiome type are you?

There are three main groups of microbiome that are largely influenced by your long-term diet. See what one you might be with this quiz.

Microbiome types are clusters of dominant bacterial types found in the human gut. They are a reflection of many factors, like heredity (some bacteria, like Christensenella appear to be heritable), geography (where you live on the globe).

Mostly though, they appear to be strongly influenced by long-term diet and medication. The only way to truly determine what type your gut bacteria belong to is 16s rRNA sequencing, like we use for our Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speculate based on your personal knowledge of your dietary choices over the years.

We’ve made this quiz so you can have a bit of down-time and discover more about how you live and its influence on important features for your health. In fact, you might already remember our memorable article: Who gut the throne in your microbiome?

Answer these questions, based on the long-term dietary patterns in your life, to discover what microbiome type you might belong to. Are you a veggie muncher, a Western gourmand or a grain lover?

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart Head of Atlas Biomed content, trained chef and avid fermenter of edible bacteria.

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