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Simple Vegan Tzatziki Recipe

Simple Vegan Tzatziki Recipe

This prebiotic plant-based dip requires only five ingredients and very little time. It’s the perfect homemade dip for outdoor gatherings or as an optional addition to almost any savoury meal.

If you’re currently undertaking Veganuary and are looking for inspiration, we have you covered! This simple vegan Tzatziki is an all-around winner, being versatile, quick and oh-so-tasty. Serve it with falafel, chips, bread, salad, curry- you name it! Alternatively, just dunk chunks of veggies in for a quick nutrient-packed snack.


  • Dairy-free yoghurt: the thicker, the better; any unsweetened vegan yoghurt will do the trick. Coconut yoghurt is a great candidate.
  • Garlic: be wary of being too heavy-handed here. If you’re a garlic fanatic, go wild, but remember that raw garlic can be far more intense than cooked garlic! (Garlic is prebiotic meaning it feeds your beneficial bacteria!)
  • Cucumber: low-seed, fresh cucumber, peeled or unpeeled.
  • Olive oil: for a subtle flavour and creamy texture.
  • Vinegar: Tzatziki usually calls for vinegar, but you can try lemon juice as an alternative.
  • Salt and pepper for taste.

Optional Ingredients

  • Herbs: mint, oregano, dill, or other herbs you feel like experimenting with.
  • Spices: traditional tzatziki calls for no spices other than salt and pepper, but you can add some chilli flakes to give it a zing!
  • Crushed nuts: walnuts, cashews, almonds, or pecans give the sauce a crunchier texture and extra nutty flavour.

Preparing the Tzatziki

Step 1: Using a cheese grater or food processor, create small strips of cucumber. Gently squeeze most of the moisture out of it over a small bowl. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel or salt to draw out the moisture.

Step 2: Next, put the cucumber in a small mixing bowl, add the yoghurt and the remainder of the ingredients. Give it a thorough stir.

Step 3: Taste your concoction to ensure it is seasoned to taste and make any last-minute adjustments you feel are necessary.

TIP☝ You can serve the tzatziki as is, but allowing it to sit in the fridge for 1-2 hours will enhance the texture. If you have any left over, store it in a sealed Tupperware in the refrigerator. It should keep for up to five days.

Riley Richardson
Riley Richardson Riley Richardson is a writer extraordinaire who lives and breathes words. When she has the extra time, she enjoys long walks at the park with her dog or knitting on her veranda.

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