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DNA test kit
  • Disease risks influenced by genes and lifestyle
  • Carrier status, child risk for hereditary diseases
  • Impact on vitamins, nutrients and predisposition to gluten, lactose, caffeine and alcohol intolerances
  • Athletic predisposition to performance and injury
  • DNA ancestry, origins and Neanderthal genes
  • Unique personal traits determined by genes



Your 20 disease risks, carrier status for 317 hereditary conditions and 16 other health-related traits



Metabolism of vitamins and micronutrients, predisposition to nutrient intolerances and dietary recommendations



Risk evaluation for sports injuries



Ancestry composition, paternal and maternal haplogroups, ratio of neanderthal genes


Other Traits

The impact of genetics on your unique traits such as odour sensitivity and iris structure

DNA. The building blocks of life

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is contained within the trillions of cells that make up your body. It serves as a blueprint that determines the physical features of all living things, including you! It looks like a twisted ladder or, as scientists call it, a ‘double helix’. This genetic information was passed on from your parents, which is why it is ‘hereditary’, making you completely unique.

How the test works

You give a saliva sample and send it off for analysis
We analyse your DNA and interpret the information
You access the results in your personal account

The science behind it

We test your DNA using the latest technology from Illumina, a world leader in the field of molecular analysis. Your genetic data is analysed in a certified EU laboratory, accredited with ISO 17025.

Jamie Rockers
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Jamie Rockers


From my DNA test I learned I need to get more Vitamin B5 and the results also included a list of foods that I should eat to get those nutrients. The test also goes into ancestry and tells you paternal and maternal haplogroups based on 200 populations. This is a super interesting and useful Christmas gift to give someone – and it might just change their life!

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