Terms of the service for ‘Consultation with a genetic counsellor about the genetic test results’

What the service is and what it is not

The service is a way to better understand the results of the Atlas Biomed DNA Test.

The service is a consultation provided by a specialist in real time through online communication. The consultation is carried out by a professional genetic counsellor. The consultation will cover an explanation of the test results in order to provide a holistic view of the client’s test results and their possible application. Genetic counsellors will also answer the client’s questions about genetics and/or other areas related to the test results. The consultation does not cover the client’s current health status and is not intended to provide the client with any medical advice.

The service is not a method of prevention, diagnosis, treatment or medical rehabilitation. The information provided to the client as a result of the service may not be used to establish or confirm a diagnosis, to prescribe treatment, or to select a set of preventive measures or medical rehabilitation regimes.

The consultation is carried out by a genetic counsellor who may be a practitioner, but the issues of traditional medical practice do not apply to this counselling format.


The service is paid. By accepting these rules, you agree that the service is not a medical service but a way to better understand the results of the genetic test. By paying for the service, you confirm that you accept these rules.

The service cost is 99 (ninety-nine) pounds or 115 euro.

Payment for the service is managed by invoice generated using Stripe online payment processing technology.

The service is provided through an audio call on Skype, Zoom or similar service selected by the client. You can sign up for the service via email [email protected].

The service can be used within 6 months after payment.

Other terms of the service (refusal or refund) are regulated by our Terms and Conditions athttps://atlasbiomed.com/uk/rules.

No penalty fee will be incurred In case of cancellation more than 24 hours before the consultation. Cancellations can be made via written request to [email protected] or using the Calendly link sent by email to the client upon confirmation of consultation appointment. Cancellations made 24 hours or less before the consultation will incur a penalty fee of 50 euro. No refunds will be issued in the event of a ‘no show’, by which a client fails to respond to the call (defined as 3 attempts over a period of 15 minutes).

Sample Disclaimer

Atlas Biomed provides consultations to the client based on the results of the sample provided by the client. Because Atlas Biomed does not control whether the biological sample belongs to any specific person, the consultation addresses only the test results. The Consultant will explain that the owner of the genetic code studied may be characterised by specific features, and recommendations will only be given when variations in the genetic code have been detected (based on the Atlas Biomed scientific research database).

Responsibility Disclaimer

We are not responsible for loss and damage caused by changes to lifestyle, modifying regular medication regimens or any other action associated with Atlas Biomed test results without first consulting your GP or another healthcare practitioner.

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