Microbiome test and a consultation with a nutritionist

Microbiome Box
  • Learn how microbes protect you from disease
  • Understand how diet affects gut bacteria
  • Optimise microbiome vitamin synthesis
  • Dietary fibre breakdown and butyrate synthesis
  • Personalised food recommendations
  • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report
  • Lactose and gluten metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory potential
Free gut health consultation with an expert nutritionist

Discover the world of microbes

There are trillions of bacteria living on and inside our bodies. In fact, the volume of DNA contained in your microbiome far exceeds the human DNA of your body. Scientists even consider the gut microbiome to be a separate organ.

What you will learn

Your microbiome health score, inflammation profile, and protection from 5 disease risks


Proportion of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, vitamin and butyrate synthesis potential, microbiome diversity score, lactose and gluten metabolism


Weekly personalised food recommendations to improve your microbiome health in 17 areas

Bacterial composition

List of bacteria found in your microbiome (%) and what enterotype you belong to

Discover, Improve… Repeat
Follow our recommendations and take the test every 3 months
  • Track your disease protection, microbiome diversity, dietary fibre ratings, and anti-inflammatory potential
  • Follow the evolution of your beneficial and probiotic bacteria levels
  • Get fresh food and probiotic supplement recommendations

How the test works

Collect a stool sample and send it for analysis
We analyse the DNA of your bacteria
Check out the results in your personal account

The science behind it

Atlas Biomed has ISO 13485:2016 accreditation for medical device quality management systems. Your microbiome sample is analysed using advanced molecular technology in a certified EU lab.

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Jo White


I’ve always been interested in gut health and the Atlas Biomed microbiome kit has really helped me to understand how my eating habits affect my health.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Atlas Microbiome Test (Ohmygut® test) analyses the types of bacteria present and their proportion in the overall microbiome. It provides information about the various functions of your gut bacteria, like the extent to which they protect you against certain diseases and inflammation, as well as what vitamins they synthesise. You will also get recommendations to improve and maintain the balance of your microbiome by adding specific foods to your diet.

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Microbiome health score, disease protection and food recommendations

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