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Meet the Mac Twins, Founders Of The Gut Stuff

Meet the Mac Twins, Founders Of The Gut Stuff

Get the down-low on digestive health from the twins before we all hit up Manchester from Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 February.


Lisa and Alana are the Mac Twins: DJs-turned-digestive-coaches that rose to recognition after participating in twin studies of the gut microbiome with Pr. Tim Spector, Britain’s leading voice in this field of research.

Since then, these ladies have made it their mission to make digestive health accessible to all. Now they’re taking the Gut Stuff on the road to spread the message with like-minded sponsors, speakers and brands.

Meet the Mac Twins

We remember hearing about the “Mac Twins” from way back on a podcast interview with Pr. Tim Spector. How have your lives and health changed since you started working with him back in 2015?

They have changed in every way from our diets, how we perceive healthcare and literally our mission and purpose in life. It was the most pivotal thing in our lives in so many ways.

Building on your experience and knowledge with Britain’s most famous gut microbiome expert, what do you reckon: Is gut health only about food or is there something else going on that can influence it?

The research is still very new and emerging, but along with diet, environment and exercise LOADS of other factors are starting to come into play. It really is so exciting to think where we could be in 10 years time with all the research and big data.

In your opinion, why is it so hard for us humans to make seemingly simple lifestyle changes that could improve our health?

I think we’re conditioned to want (or be sold) the “magic bullet” instead of taking ownership and trying different things gradually and with a curious mind. Personalised health is a new concept and we, as humans, seek comfort in “the collective” but we need to teach everyone to think critically and for themselves. If we as identical twins are unique then everyone else most definitely is!


So we’ve just added a probiotics report to our Microbiome Test results. That’s right, fermented foods… They can be hard for some people to palate. So tell us, what’s the best and the worst tasting fermented food you’ve ever had?

Everyone loves sourdough as an “entry level” fermented food, it's what we give our mum to try and change her palate. There isn’t a fermented food we don’t like, we literally eat kimchi from the jar in the office - much to everyone else’s annoyance!

And while we’re on the topic, what you think of at-home microbiome testing?

It’s great that commercially people are able to get a small snapshot into their microbiome and get a bit of a taste of the studies that changed the way we think about things. At the very least these results can be a good catalyst for change, which is generally a good thing.

You can learn more about the composition of your gut microbiome and how it affects your health with the Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test.

Do you have any simple tips, rules or rituals that you apply on a daily basis to feel good?

We always try to cut down to no processed foods and add as much variety and fermented foods are possible. It’s important to tune in and listen to your body - yoga and food diaries help with this for us. It’s as simple as that really! Simple swaps!

What can we expect from the Gut Stuff in 2019? Any big secret plans?

We’re going to be continuing to spread the good gut word, out of the London bubble and across the UK and building out our online resource, e-books and team. And then in the Summer we can tell you more ;)

And finally, when is it going to be okay to talk about poop at the dinner table?

We’ve ALWAYS believed it is okay, #poochat all the way!

Let the gut times roll in Manchester

The Gut Stuff is a 4-day event for everyone who has burning questions about their belly, wants to feel better in their skin or simply believes that we should all be free to talk about digestive health at the dinner table. There is also an exclusive IBS supper club on Feb 19, get tickets before they sell out.
19-23 Feb
Gut Stuff event

Learn: Listen To Your Gut

Stop by and check out talks by amazing minds in the field of gut health, including nutritionist and clinical neuroscientist Miguel Toribio-Mateas who’ll be hosting our very own "Listen To Your Gut" talk at the Atlas Biomed stand. He's one of the few experts who can make science palatable for the average person, and he's got a killer soundtrack to go with it!
20 Feb
Listen To Your Gut 1–2pm, fee £5

Do: Bacteria Art Workshops

We’re even hosting free Bacteria Art workshops to grow bacterial beasties from your skin microbes. That’s right, you’ll have the chance to imprint the microbiome of your thumb, earphones or even your little toe to see what grows.
20 Feb
Bacteria Art 5–7 pm, free

Sign up online

Secure your spot for all these events and more on the Gut Stuff website. There, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page for the calendar and registration details.
21 Feb
Bacteria Art 1–3 pm, free

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart Head of Atlas Biomed content, trained chef and avid fermenter of edible bacteria.

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