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DNA And Gut Microbiome Testing: The Benefits Of Our Test Bundle

DNA And Gut Microbiome Testing: The Benefits Of Our Test Bundle

There’s more to you than meets the eye. Combining our DNA and Microbiome Test unlocks the most insights and recommendations to enhance your health every day!

Atlas Biomed is the only company in the world to offer combined gut microbiome and DNA testing. In fact, that’s exactly how we’ve designed our interface: to integrate all these data for the most accurate and in-depth introduction to the human and microbial genes that influence your health.

We are also the UK’s leading provider of these tests, and we don’t just sell them to you. Clinics and healthcare practitioners also trust our technology to help them find new ways to identify health issues in their patients.

Since the idea of Atlas Biomed was born, our CEO and founder, Sergey Musienko, has one main goal: to combine advanced technologies and test results to identify opportunities for health and disease prevention, rather than treating people when it’s already late in the game.

Ask any doctor and they will agree, one test is rarely enough to get an adequate picture of a person’s health. To get the whole picture, you need to assess many features before drawing conclusions.

That’s why we developed our interface to delve into the combined secrets of your genome, gut microbiome, medical background, diet, and lifestyle information: to identify the in-depth features of your body and create the most accurate recommendations to keep you healthy for many years to come.

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More is more: 400+ features

When you take a DNA and gut microbiome test together, we look at over 400 different features that can influence your health.

Using DNA sequencing technology by Illumina, a world-leader in this field, we copy and multiply the genes so we can run them through special scanners that use tiny chips to separate out this information from the vast amount of genetic data floating around in the sample.

The data is extracted in the lab and uploaded to our interpretation system that scans it to identify either gene variants that influence the body's processes, or the composition of your gut microbiome depending on your sample (saliva or stool respectively).

When you take the Atlas Biomed tests, we integrate these findings and your answers to the health and lifestyle questionnaire to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your health profile.

Area Reports
Health Hereditary disease risks, carrier status
Multifactorial disease risks
Nutrition Vitamin levels
Minerals & fatty acids
Food intolerance risks
Eating behaviour & caffeine metabolism
Microbiome Diversity & disease protection
Probiotics & beneficial bacteria
Dietary fiber & butyrate synthesis
Sports attributes Injury risks
Genetic performance attributes
Personal traits Unique physical traits
Unique perception traits
Recommendations Foods to enhance your microbiome
When to consult a doctor
Ancestry Genetic ancestry
Neanderthal genes in DNA
Microbiome nationality

Disease risks

Based on this, we can see what hereditary disease risks are present in your genes, but also if your genes put you at higher or lower risk of multifactorial diseases. These diseases are often called chronic diseases and non-communicable diseases.

We've made it easy to read and scroll through your disease risks

They are chronic because there is no treatment, only ways to manage and halt the progression of these illnesses. They are non-communicable because, unlike infections and viruses, you can’t pass them on to other people by coughing, touching, sharing bodily fluids, etc.

In the table below, we break down what multifactorial diseases we check for, and what factors we take into account with our interpretation system. You’ll recognise most of these illnesses because they are very common in developed countries.

Disease DNA Lifestyle Microbiome
Coronary heart disease
Crohn’s disease
Diabetes type 2
Ulcerative colitis
Age-related macular degeneration
Alzheimer’s disease
Atopic dermatitis
Atrial fibrillation
Bronchial asthma
High blood pressure
Paget’s disease of the bone
Parkinson’s disease

We use complex algorithms based on scientific evidence to assess whether you are at high, average, or low risk of developing a multifactorial disease. Based on this, we make tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations to guide you in making the best choices for your health. More on that later.

Essential nutrients

The availability of important nutrients is not just determined by your diet (or supplements), your DNA and gut microbiome play important roles too.

We’re not just talking about vitamin levels, but also omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as minerals. That’s because your genes are involved in how these substances are received and absorbed from food, and the processes that influence nutrient synthesis by the body.

Unbeknownst to many, a healthy and diverse gut microbiome actually produces many vitamins that are used by the body. If this ecosystem is unbalanced because of illness, diet, or antibiotic medication, it can’t do this job as effectively.

Vitamin levels

Vitamin DNA Microbiome

When combined, DNA and gut microbiome testing can reveal surprising underlying factors, like nutrient deficiencies, that can influence your health.

Modern medicine has managed to eradicate many deficiency-related illnesses, but it wasn’t so long ago that scurvy and rickets were serious problems caused by vitamin C and D deficiencies respectively.

DNA test for other nutrients

Essential fatty acids Minerals
Omega-3 fatty acids (4 types) Iron
Omega-6 fatty acids (4 types) Calcium

In fact, one of our users took the test because she had a chronic iron deficiency that left her doctor puzzled - until she took our DNA test and discovered that she is genetically predisposed to below-average iron levels by a gene variant we detected.

Personalised recommendations

Get totally tailored recommendations to enhance your health based on reliable, scientific studies vetted and approved by our research teams and Scientific Advisory Board

There is a lot of good research out there that highlights how lifestyle, diet, exercise, and environment have a significant influence on health and disease emergence. In fact, they even pinpoint small changes you can make to improve how you feel.

However, scientific research also indicates that no two people are identical, even if they both do sports at the same frequency and intensity, eat the exact same diet, and share an identical lifestyle.

Every week, we renew your food recommendations to target specific areas

That’s because our bodies interact with the environment based on a blueprint from their genes. Variants of the same gene can operate differently because they were inherited that way, but there are other factors too.

Diet, physical activity, and lifestyle play a role in our health, as does the gut microbiome, because it produces nutrients, but also defends against pathogens, controls inflammation, and helps keep the large intestine and the gut lining healthy.

By taking the Atlas Biomed DNA and Microbiome Tests together, and completing the health questionnaire, you access tailored recommendations. They include:

  • 10 weekly foods to enhance microbiome health
  • probiotics strains to balance your gut microbiome
  • lifestyle recommendations for disease risks
  • when to consult a doctor and screening options

How much does it cost?

The 2-Test Bundle by Atlas Biomed costs £288, making our products some of the most affordable options out there. Get 10% off when you sign up for blog updates!

Some may wonder why it costs so much to find out health information before falling ill, so it’s good to remember a few key points.

Diagnostic testing to identify and treat disease is expensive, as are the medications prescribed, but there is a hidden financial burden for patients and families.

We use world-class test kits suitable for lab diagnostics

In addition to taking time off work to seek diagnosis and treatment, it is not uncommon for people to give up work when they get to an advanced stage of the disease. In some cases, they also have to engage the services of a carer.

Being sick also takes time away from the patient and their loved ones, attending appointments, collecting prescriptions, seeking second opinions and alternative treatment options.

At Atlas Biomed, we don’t live in a bubble free from illness, nor do we hail from an ivory tower of health. Every member of our team knows friends, loved ones, or acquaintances suffering from chronic diseases.

Many of our staff are also doctors and researchers with clinical experience of these diseases who have worked with individual patients and study participants to find solutions to illness.

That’s why we’ve developed the most cost-effective DNA testing solutions using advanced technology to identify disease risks, and help people to prevent illness with simple changes to their lifestyle and diet.

We are confident that science, technology, and interpretation systems like ours have the potential to change the future of health for everyone. Join us, and start on your journey to better health today.

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart Head of Atlas Biomed content, trained chef and avid fermenter of edible bacteria.

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