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Here’s Why You Need The Atlas DNA Test For Christmas

Here’s Why You Need The Atlas DNA Test For Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered what makes you who you are, you can stop wondering right now because the Atlas DNA Test can tell you.

Most of us wonder what makes us different from our friends or other family members. Why we struggle to run long distances or where did our ancestors come from? These are just a couple of the questions the test can answer.

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That’s because your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is your body’s blueprint and it’s responsible for determining your physical features, many disease risks, and dietary requirements.

Listen to your genes and you can finally get deeper insight into who you are. We've collected five excellent reasons why you (really) need to get an Atlas DNA Test this Christmas.

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1. Who am I and where did I come from?

You might think you know who you are, where you were born, even where your parents come from, but your genes can reveal much more than that.

A DNA test is like a real-life version of Back to the Future - it can tell you where your ancestors originated from and their pattern of migration. Plus, it can identify which haplogroup you belong to. That’s a genetic population who all share a common ancestor either through their mother or father.

Some of these groups have existed for thousands of years in a specific part of the world. There may even be traces of Neanderthal DNA inside you. Yes, there really could be parts of you which descend from 30,000 years ago!

The Atlas DNA Test can give you and your loved ones a true journey of a lifetime and enable you to discover where, and even who, you descend from. It not just for the health-conscious, it's for the ancestry-obsessed too.

2. Plan ahead for your health and family

Your genes influence your disease risks and show whether you carry any hereditary conditions to help you take control of your own health.

The test analyses 21 multifactorial disease risks, like diabetes type II, Parkinson's, and gallstones. You'll also discover if you are a carrier for 300+ hereditary diseases that can help you make decisions when planning a family.


You can use your results to make positive changes to your lifestyle or book a consultation with a genetic counsellor for more information. Don't let life pass you by googling health stuff, take charge with these in-depth insights!

That’s the beauty of the Atlas DNA Test. There's even a report about personalised lifestyle changes that can reduce your risks based on your results and a free, comprehensive health questionnaire for the most accurate insights.

3. Make better New Year’s resolutions for 2020

Discover secrets about your nutrition status, and if you’re looking for some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions, then look no further.

Not enjoying the taste of coriander or preferring sweet foods to bitter ones are all part of your genetic makeup. These eating behaviours influence your snacking habits, and can even influence your body weight.

Your genotype can even tell you if you’re more likely have low or high levels of specific vitamins and minerals based on your DNA. It can even show if you are predisposed to gluten, alcohol, or lactose intolerance.

It’s also handy to know about your own eating behaviours and your predisposition to nutrient levels because these may be factors you need to consider if you’re looking to improve your health.

4. Get the lifestyle your body always wanted

Find out about your nutrition and sports traits and answer the health questionnaire to see what your life says about your future wellbeing.

Under the sports traits tab, you can learn about your risk for certain injuries, like lumbar disc degeneration. Specific genetic variants can increase the risk of this type of injury which, curiously, is also associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Combined with the health questionnaire, your results can highlight health risks so you can alter your lifestyle accordingly. For example, if you’re at a high risk of obesity, simple steps like improving your diet and increasing your physical activity levels can help.

If you’re looking to get fitter, eat healthier, and find a ‘new you’ in 2020, The Atlas DNA Test is your perfect companion. Plus, you’ll even get access to an app so you can see your results, track your progress, and smash those new year goals!

5. Discover weird stuff you’d never believe

Uncover a curious set of personal traits like if you’ll go grey early on in life, the type of earwax you’ll have, and why you sneeze in sunlight.

Your genes are major players in your perception and physiological response to external stimuli. None of this was down to chance. In fact, your genes began to determine most of these features when you were conceived.

The Atlas DNA Test can even tell you why asparagus makes your pee smell

These findings make for great conversation starters. Imagine sitting around the Christmas dinner table and explaining to your gran that your earwax is dry because your mum and dad passed that gene variant on to you.

What awaits you in the ‘Personal traits’ tab will give you the opportunity to truly discover yourself and some weird stuff you can definitely blame your family for. Riveting!

Get your DNA Test now

The Christmas shopping queues are building, the weather’s wet and cold, and you’re probably feeling a little sorry for yourself. Beat all the festive stress by simply placing your order on our website and voila! Your test will be delivered directly to you or your gift recipient.

We’re all more interested in our own health, and now you can trade Google for the Atlas DNA Test, a scientific way to uncover your body. And all you have to do is spit in a tube.

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