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NEW Probiotics Report, DNA Updates And A Hot New Dashboard

NEW Probiotics Report, DNA Updates And A Hot New Dashboard

There’s a fresh dashboard display for easy navigation, brand new probiotics results and updates to our DNA algorithm!

DNA and microbiome users have lots to look forward to in 2019 with updated test results, new traits and improvements to our interpretation algorithm. And to make absolutely sure you are getting the most out of your Atlas Biomed experience, we’ve revamped the dashboard design to help you navigate your health data seamlessly.

Update your app 💡 These improvements are available in the new version of your Atlas Biomed app. Update it or download it today to access these enhancements.

Personal Account facelift for better navigation

DNA and microbiome results would be nothing without a flawless design to help you identify what aspects of your health require the most pressing attention. And we won’t rest until we’ve hit that goal!


Our new design highlights key insights, your important traits and their interpretation so you can keep track of your health objectives in 2019. This includes updates to the text, visuals and layout for a smooth and user-friendly experience.

We’ve changed up the dashboard interface to include a health profile panel and swapped our recommendations section for Insights instead. Recommendations are now grouped with your Top 10 Weekly Foods list and helpful flashcards to learn more about your risks.

New probiotics results for microbiome users

Have you taken the Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test? If so, you’ll be able to access a brand new section dedicated to the levels of probiotic bacteria in your microbiota. Just as promised, we’ve added these brand new results absolutely free of charge, so you can log on right now to discover how probiotics influence your health and wellbeing.

By the way, this update applies to every user that has taken one or more microbiome tests, and every set of microbiome results published in your personal account. It will also apply to all new Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test orders from January 2019 onwards.

☝️ New Insights

1. Level of probiotics & beneficial bacteria in your microbiome
2. Representation of probiotic bacteria (% of total microbiota)
3. Comparison with levels in the average population
4. Personalised food recommendations to enhance your probiotic rating
5. Comparison to previous test results for repeat subscribers

Researchers have discovered that people with a healthy bacterial ecosystem in the colon have higher levels of probiotic and beneficial bacteria. They support digestive health through the synthesis of vitamins and other beneficial substances like butyrate. They also support immune system functions and protect against inflammation.

Alas, low levels negatively may impact your health with symptoms like gas and digestive discomfort. That’s why this new feature comes with tailored food recommendations to help you increase your protection against ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and more.


To celebrate the launch of our new Probiotics page, we're sharing a probiotic yoghurt recipe for you to improve your microbiome through your belly. Written by Vanessa Kimbell, founder of the Sourdough School and award-winning cookbook author, this easy recipe is fail-safe and suitable for the most inexperienced culinary neophytes. Just click on the link to check it out.

Enhanced DNA health risks and recommendations

To give you the most accurate DNA, lifestyle and health risk interpretation, we use a special algorithm that trawls through thousands of scientific publications to assess your health profile. This takes into account your DNA test results, but also your answers to the Health Questionnaire.

Your health survey matters! This seemingly endless stream of extremely pointed questions on the details of your diet, physical exercise and medical background is actually very important. These answers plug into our interpretation algorithm to give you the most accurate interpretation of your health risks and recommendations!

☝️ Highlights

  • Improved gluten intolerance assessment We’ve included a second gene (DQ8) to your genetic risk analysis in addition to the HLA-DQ gene variant.
  • More traits with BMI as a risk factor Body mass is now factored into the risk assessment for diabetes type II, migraine and kidney stone disease.
  • Appendectomy risk factor for Parkinson’s disease A recent study showed that the appendix constitutes a risk factor for this neurodegenerative disease.

Your recommendations have been updated to reflect these changes, and we’ve also added more information about medical screening and diagnosis options to your personal account.

The changes to our interpretation algorithm stem from growing evidence based on scientific research. This basically means that we analyse and integrate new, reliable evidence coming from the scientific community when it becomes available.

💡 Stay tuned for Atlas Biomed updates, because we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline for you. Just sign up for our blog newsletter and you'll be the first to know.

Artem Kosarev
Artem Kosarev Chief Product Officer

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