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NEW Probiotic Supplements And Foods Added To Your Microbiome Results!

NEW Probiotic Supplements And Foods Added To Your Microbiome Results!

We’ve added 13 probiotics supplements and retooled our food recommendations for even more precision.

This update is free of charge and available to EVERY current and future microbiome test taker in their personal account - like all our updates!
After adding a probiotics and beneficial bacteria report in January, our scientists are now satisfied with the evidence supporting the benefits of specific strains of probiotic bacteria for gut microbiome health.

We’ve also optimised the parameters for your food recommendations. Now they take into account even more aspects of your gut microbiota.

The algorithm has been turbocharged to calculate the pros and cons of each food based on scientific studies. That means you are only recommended a food if the benefits outweigh the potential to nourish the wrong types of bacteria too.

It takes months of testing, tweaking and auditing for quality control before we release anything because we have strict standards and protocols. It also takes endless discussions with the design department because they make the user-friendly graphics that help you navigate these fresh results.

☝️DISCLAIMER☝️Consult your doctor about taking dietary supplements that contain probiotics.

Microbiome update highlights

We’ve gone ahead and updated the system so you can see the results right now. Take me to my personal account now.

+1072 associations between bacteria and food. That’s 3 times more data (!!!) on specific foods that can boost bacterial populations, and even more precise recommendations.
+18 new foods including lime, amaranth, green bananas, buttermilk, prunes, dates, figs, bamboo shoots, mango, cassava and quinoa.
+13 probiotics options. If your results show you lack specific probiotics or beneficial bacteria, we’ll recommend what supplement can help. But you still need to ask your GP!
Display updated with microbes organised by function like probiotics, butyrate-producers, weight gain prevention and unique characteristics.

Microbiome subscription package


To get the most out of your Microbiome Test, subscribe and receive a test every 3 months to monitor your progress and changes in the gut microbiota. Our interface is actually designed to allow comparison between results so you can compare and contrast.

Let us know what you think: share your feedback via [email protected]

Artem Kosarev
Artem Kosarev Chief Product Officer

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