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Win The Ultimate Brain And Gut Makeover Bundle Worth £500

Win The Ultimate Brain And Gut Makeover Bundle Worth £500

Self-care starts with the gut-brain axis. Don’t miss this unique chance to turbocharge your gut health and boost your cognitive performance with the awesome uber-nerds over at Heights, the braincare experts.

The brain is famously the captain of the human body. It is responsible for vital functions like breathing, heartbeat and blood pressure. It is in charge of memory, movement, speech, and vision too.

In the meantime, the gut takes care of less sexy stuff like sensing and indicating hunger, turning on and off digestive juices, and getting rid of waste. Perhaps more amazingly, it’s home to trillions of bacteria that take care of your gut lining, support immune health and talk to your brain.

The gut-brain axis is a critical communication route that helps turn on and off inflammation and even influences stress resilience, mood, and anxiety

Key players in this relationship are magical molecules called short-chain fatty acids, which are produced by gut bacteria from dietary fibre. These chemicals help maintain the gut lining, encourage the production of localised neurotransmitters and hormones like serotonin and GABA, and even combat inflammation.

We could wax lyrical about the majestic beauty of the gut-brain connection for days, if not months… But that could get boring very quickly, so instead, we’re giving you the chance to win a free brain and gut makeover because, let’s face it, that’s a lot more fun!

How to win a gut-brain makeover

Treat both your brains to some TLC with this incredible prize. The winner will take home a self-care package designed to test your gut microbiome and boost your brain performance. What’s inside?

  • 3 months of Heights braincare supplements
  • 2 gut microbiome tests for before and after
  • 2 private consultations with an expert nutritionist
  • 1 Circadian Code, the ultimate book to hack your body clock

Heights Smart Supplements to boost energy, focus, and mood. Their top-rated formula of 20 key vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D, C and B12, and omega 3, supports your mind and body. It targets everything from poor sleep to brain fog and stress, and even helps your nervous and immune systems. So you feel better every day.

Atlas Microbiome Test Bundle. Before you launch into your summer of self-care, take a microbiome test and see how your gut bacteria are doing. Take your Heights supplements, follow the Atlas food recommendations, and retest after 3 months. Get ready to be amazed by the results.

Expert Nutritionist Consult. Stop guessing and ask a qualified nutritionist about your diet, gut health, and microbiome results. Get personal probiotic and prebiotic recommendations to boost your gut microbiome and feel the benefits all over.

The Circadian Code by Prof Satchin Panda, one of the world’s foremost experts in the human body clock. This riveting book contains pearls of wisdom you can use every day to boost your body’s performance, feel better, and live life to the fullest.

Enter the competition

To enter the competition, fill out the form* and seize your chance to win an amazing gut-brain makeover worth £500. The competition closes Sunday, 25 August 2021. Winners will be contacted by email.

Atlas Heights Gut Brain Makeover

*UK residents only

Read more about the gut-brain relationship here

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