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Canada: Our DNA And Microbiome Tests Are Now In North America

Canada: Our DNA And Microbiome Tests Are Now In North America

DNA and microbiome testing provide new options to tackle Canada’s health problems.

In Canada, preventable chronic diseases are among the leading causes of death and cost billions in healthcare every year. And when healthcare is universal, that also means a big chunk of taxes paid by individuals and companies from hard-earned money.

Many of these conditions can’t be cured (thus “chronic”), only managed, and are caused by a combination of factors, including lifestyle, gut microbial health and genetic predisposition. New technology, like microbiome and DNA testing, can assess for risk factors and help prevent many chronic diseases.

Tech to solve chronic disease

20 million Canadians (the total population is just 37 million) suffer from digestive conditions every year, including IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s), constipation and colon cancer. Research shows that the gut microbiome is implicated in all the conditions.

This symbiotic ecosystem of bacteria lives in the colon. Weighing in at 2-3 kg, the microbiome performs essential functions for the digestive system and overall health. When it is unbalanced, a problem called dysbiosis, it can cause inflammation and contribute to disease.


Anna, from our Microbiome Research dpt, presenting results of probiotic research

But a balanced microbiome with rich diversity of bacteria and balanced communities of microbes can actually help prevent disease. Lifestyle, especially diet and antibiotic treatments are some of the most potent

In addition to digestive conditions, gut bacteria, lifestyle and genetic markers in a person’s DNA can enhance risks of many chronic diseases seemingly unrelated to the colon, including metabolic illnesses like obesity, diabetes type II and cardiovascular disease.

These diseases are among the deadliest in Canada.

How it works and how we work

Technology like the Atlas Biomed DNA and microbiome tests are designed to analyse these modifiable risk factors using the most advanced research in the field.

Using DNA sequencing, we can test saliva for genetic and hereditary disease risk assessment. It also allows us to analyse the bacterial cells of a person’s microbiome to accurately identify the communities of bacteria living there and in what proportion.

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians suffer from obesity and overweight, a primary factor in the growing epidemic of diabetes type 2 that is a precursor for cardiovascular disease, responsible for about 29% of all deaths. Technology like ours has the potential to change this health landscape, and we are excited to contribute.


Swift technological advances like Atlas Biomed microbiome and DNA testing and interpretation systems take time to be adopted by healthcare systems. Fortunately, the Canadian government, like the EU and UK, has made provisions for people to take control of their health during such periods.

We are proud to use Canadian-produced biological sample collection kits by DNA Genotek, registered under Health Canada with Medical Device Establishment Licence 1457. In fact, our partner DNA Genotek makes testing kits of the highest quality.

Their sample collection kits meet all standards required for medical-grade laboratory analysis around the world. That’s why we use their kits to collect your spit and stool in 11 different European countries, and now their home country, Canada too!

Building bridges to a better future

Atlas Biomed participates in many research projects tackling important questions, like how gut microbial affects immunotherapy treatment for cancer patients, the effects of specific probiotic strains of bacteria on IBS, IBD and even Parkinson’s. We also use our technology to support research into the potential benefits of traditional fermented and cultured foods.


Working with Vanessa Kimbell founder of the Sourdough School, Centre of Education & Research in The Nutrition & Digestibility of Bread & The Gut Microbiome, our tests are being used in her research into how sourdough bread affects the gut microbiome and mood.

We also believe in transparency and best practice when it comes to people’s genetic and private information. That’s why every user owns the rights to their data, we don’t sell it to anyone.

We apply the strictest standards and most advanced data protection protocols to protect our customers, who are free to request the removal of their data and the destruction of their samples at any time.

These are the principles, ethics and drive by which our company abides. They're coming to Canada with us too, hand-in-hand with our Atlas Biomed DNA and Microbiome Tests.

Atlas Biomed Team
Atlas Biomed Team Makers of microbiome, DNA tests and bad puns

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