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Common Questions About Atlas DNA Test Report And Microbiome Kit

Common Questions About Atlas DNA Test Report And Microbiome Kit

Curious about getting an Atlas DNA or Microbiome Test? We answer your top questions on everything from price to vitamin status and athletic performance.

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What is the difference between the Atlas DNA and Microbiome Test?

Test Price Country
DNA or Microbiome £149 UK
€169 Europe

The Atlas DNA Test looks at your body’s genetic makeup using a saliva sample. Get this DNA test report if you want to discover your unique genetic traits, health risks, hereditary disease status, predisposition to vitamin and nutrient levels, and your genetic ancestry. Your DNA won’t change, so you only need to take this test once.

The Atlas Microbiome Test looks at the bacteria in your gut using a stool sample. You can discover traits related to disease protection, vitamin production, butyrate levels, and bacterial diversity. You’ll also get personalised food recommendations to enhance your microbiome every week.

☝️TIP☝️These two tests compliment each other. Take both of them and you’ll unlock 400+ health insights and personalised recommendations to stay healthy..

What does a DNA test look like?

What does a dna test look like?.
This is what a DNA test looks like

How do I take the Atlas DNA Test?

This part is pretty simple, as long as you follow the instructions. Once the kit is delivered to your doorstep by our courier, you can keep it up to 12 months. Inside, you’ll find instructions, a sample collection tube, and a bag. The box has a prepaid postage label for you to send it back.

Before collecting your saliva sample, wait 30 minutes without putting anything in your mouth. Don’t brush your teeth, eat food or chew gum, drink, smoke, or kiss. Avoid taking your sample when you wake up because your mouth is full of bacteria, and their DNA could void the sample.

How to get your DNA test report

Step 1: Create a personal account on the Atlas website to register the barcode (on the side of your sample collection tube). Otherwise, we will not be able to upload your results.

Step 2: Do not eat, drink, smoke, or kiss at least 30 minutes before the test.

Step 3: Spit in the sample tube until the saliva reaches the marked line.

Step 4: Seal the box and send it to us (just drop it in your nearest postbox).

Step 5: Get notified when your results are in your account (4–6 weeks).

☝️Email [email protected] to get sample DNA test results or a DNA test results example so you know what to expect when you buy our test..

DNA Test template: results oversight

This is an example of DNA test results.
This is an example of DNA test results
Report What you'll learn
Common disease risks Discover whether you are at low, average, increased, or high risk of 19 common multifactorial diseases influenced by genes and lifestyle.
Hereditary disease status See if you have any genetic disease risks and what it means for you and your children.
Nutrition and metabolism Explore how genes impact your vitamin/mineral/nutrient levels, taste preferences, food intolerances, and caffeine metabolism.
Sports and injury See how DNA influences your metabolism and if your genes indicate any specific injury risks.
Personal traits This part reviews unique ways that your DNA influences your appearance and perception of the world.
Genetic ancestry Your parent’s haplogroups, Neanderthal DNA in your genome, and ancestry composition by location.
Insights Personalised lifestyle recommendations designed to reduce your disease risks and improve your wellbeing.
Health questionnaire Answer the questions to get the most accurate risk profiles and recommendations based on your lifestyle.

How do I take the Atlas Microbiome Test?

Your microbiome test will be delivered to your door. The box contains instructions, a sample collection tube and spatula, a toilet seat insert, and a bag to place your tube in after collecting the sample. Always read the instructions, or you might get it wrong. Take it from us, it’s easy to get it wrong, so be smart.

How to get your microbiome test report

Step 1: Create a personal account on the Atlas website to register the barcode (on the side of your sample collection tube). Otherwise, we will not be able to upload your results.

Step 2: Collect the sample carefully following the instructions.

Step 3: Close the tube, shake it to mix, and put it in the special bag.

Step 4: Seal the box and send it to us (just drop it in your nearest postbox).

Step 5: Get notified when your results are in your account (4–6 weeks).

☝️The collected stool sample can last two months in the container at room temperature.

When am I going to get the results?

Every sample gets analysed in an accredited European laboratory. Once that’s done, it then undergoes stringent quality control to ensure that the results are correct. That’s why it takes 4–6 weeks for your results to appear in your personal account.

Atlas Microbiome Test and vitamin deficiencies

The core principle of the Atlas Microbiome Test is to evaluate the composition of your gut bacteria which participate in the synthesis of many vitamins and nutrients. We check your sample for the presence of bacteria that are known to produce B and K vitamins.

Low abundance of such microbes indicates that your microbiome has less potential for their production, and a higher abundance indicates that they can probably produce adequate levels of these vitamins.

However, the vitamins produced by gut bacteria are mainly used by them too. This means that your microbiome does not influence your risk of vitamin deficiencies. You should never take vitamin supplements based on these results, and always consult your doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

Will a microbiome test help my digestive problems?

In order to answer this question, let’s start with the microbiome itself. Your gut plays a much more crucial role in your overall health than previously thought. It is not only about digestion and poop, gut microbes influence your metabolism, body weight, and overall health.

Bacteria in the gut break down food to make vitamins and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which take care of the gut, support your immune system, and protect against invaders. Microbiome imbalances are linked to digestive problems, which is why you get food recommendations to help restore harmony in this ecosystem.

☝️DISCLAIMER☝️The Atlas Microbiome Test is not a diagnostic tool. Always consult your doctor if you have gastrointestinal problems.

I recently changed my diet, should I test now or wait?

The microbiome is sensitive to many factors. Whether you moved to another country, are in lockdown and suddenly are forced to live a sedentary lifestyle, are sick or taking medication, these changes can alter the composition of your gut bacteria.

If you’re planning on changing your diet, we recommend taking a before and after microbiome test to see what effect your new eating habits have on your bacteria. Plus, you can get a serious discount if you sign up for a microbiome subscription and get one test every three months!

Can I buy the Atlas DNA and Microbiome Test kits for my kids?

What does a microbiome test look like?.
This is what a microbiome test looks like

The Atlas Tests are only for use by people aged 18 and over. Due to the sensitive nature of personal genetic data, a certain level of maturity is essential in order to understand the potential implication of DNA test results and how to handle this information correctly.

When it comes to the gut microbiome, children’s gut bacteria are different to those of adults. This can affect the accuracy of their results because the Atlas Microbiome Test and its recommendations were developed from studies in adults (not children or adolescents).

Can the test tell their predispositions in sports?

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, “in the current state of knowledge, no child or young athlete should be exposed to direct-to-consumer genetic testing to define training regimens or to identify talented individuals for athletics.”

The Atlas DNA Test helps adults understand different aspects of their body that influence athletic performance, such as branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and injury risks. Our tests do not reveal any predisposition to excellence in specific sports because the quality of scientific research in this area is insufficient to make such predictions.

Is my data safe with Altas?

Atlas prioritizes your personal and genetic data security. Our technologies, protocols, and policies are GDPR-compliant and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (UK). We don’t sell your data, and we always request your permission before using it for research.

☝️TIP☝If you have any questions, our customer service department will help you. Just email [email protected].

Do you deliver to my country?

The Atlas DNA and Microbiome Tests are currently available in the following countries:

Austria Hungary Poland
Belgium Ireland Russia
Canada Italy Sweden
Germany Luxembourg Turkey
Denmark The Netherlands United Kingdom
Finland Norway

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