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Atlas X MOJU Giveaway: Win The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle Worth Over £600

Atlas X MOJU Giveaway: Win The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle Worth Over £600

We are teaming up with our friends at MOJU drinks and giving one lucky person the chance to bag the ultimate gut health bundle worth over £600. Designed to boost beneficial bacteria and test microbiome diversity, you don’t want to miss out on this giveaway!


The gut microbiome

As the famous musician Bob Dylan sang: "I contain multitudes". As it turns out, we all do, and I'm not speaking figuratively.

Every one of us houses a world of bacteria, fungi and archaea, buzzing away like microscopic cities under our noses (and everywhere else, for that matter!).

Whilst there are fungal and bacterial inhabitants from head to toe, the colon plays host to the largest and most important community of bacteria, collectively known as the microbiome.

Weighing more than the human brain and outnumbering your human cells, this microscopic metropolis exists symbiotically with us and plays an important part in our health.

Research has associated the microbiome with obesity, IBS, chronic inflammation, type-2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and even depression. As the boffin’s beaver away, the list only continues to grow.

When this inner world is balanced and diverse, it can reduce inflammation, support the immune system and potentially even improve mood; when it is not, it can lead to brain fog, digestive upsets and even inflammatory diseases.

Prebiotics: fuel for your gut bugs

The good news is that our microbiome is dynamic, meaning it responds to lifestyle and dietary changes. In particular, beneficial bacteria love to munch on plant-based fibre from prebiotic foods such as green bananas, artichokes and chicory root.

When beneficial gut bugs ferment indigestible fibre, they release various metabolites, among them butyrate. This magic metabolite fuels cells in the gut lining, called colonocytes, reinforcing the intestinal wall.

By doing so, these little architects can prevent pathogens from entering the promised land of the body via the gut. What’s more, butyrate soothes immune cells in the gut and inhibits the production of a tumour developing enzyme, called histone deacetylase.

Level up your gut game with the MOJU X Atlas giveaway

We are teaming up with our friends at MOJU drinks and giving one lucky person the chance to bag the ultimate gut health bundle.

With MOJU's prebiotic shots and personalised food recommendations from Atlas, you can encourage beneficial bacteria and boost microbiome diversity.

Better still, you can track the evolution of your microbiome and measure your progress with the Atlas Microbiome Test.


What’s inside?

X 2 Atlas Microbiome Test

Atlas Microbiome Test for IBS
With the Atlas Microbiome Test, you’ll discover which bacteria you have, which you lack and how to encourage the ones you need! Alongside balance and diversity, Atlas measure multiple parameters of your microbiome health, including butyrate production and inflammatory profile.

You’ll even receive a risk score for five inflammatory diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Based on these results, we’ll generate tailored, weekly food recommendations to help you cultivate diversity and harness the power of your microbes.

Expert 1-1 nutritionist consult

The winner will receive a complimentary appointment with one of our expert resident nutritionists. Drawing on their wealth of clinical experience, they can answer any questions you may have about the microbiome, gut health or digestive upsets.

Better still, our nutritionists can help you cultivate diversity and nurture probiotic bacteria in your gut. Stop guessing and get answers from a qualified professional!

X 3-month MOJU daily prebiotic shot subscription

Atlas X Moju prebiotic.

Available in Berry and Tropical flavours, each shot is loaded with MOJU's powerful blend of prebiotics and plant fibre to level up your gut game.

Test, shot, eat, repeat

Don’t just take our word for it, either: MOJU monitored the microbiome of 13 customers whilst taking a daily prebiotic shot.

After 30 days, all but one participant saw a significant increase in the levels of F. Prausnitzii, a butyrate-producing bacterium with anti-inflammatory properties. In one case, the levels of F.Prausnitzii were enriched by up to 200%!

How to enter the competition

For a chance to win the gut health bundle worth over £600, fill out the form on the giveaway landing page. By entering, you agree to receive communications from Atlas and MOJU. The competition closes Monday, 18th April at Midnight. The winner will be contacted via email. UK residents only.

Read more about the microbiome, prebiotics and butyrate:

Ross Carver-Carter
Ross Carver-Carter Relationship counsellor for humans and their microbes

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