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Meet Our New Partner: We Ferment - Purveyors Of Fermented Foods

Meet Our New Partner: We Ferment - Purveyors Of Fermented Foods

It’s our pleasure to announce that Atlas Microbiome Tests will now be available with the UK’s freshest fermentation aficionados, We Ferment.

At Atlas Biomed, we are passionate about gut health, great food, and supporting local businesses. To our immense joy, we’ve found a new soulmate that shares our love for fermentation and all things bacterial: We Ferment.

We Ferment, our newest partner, is a purveyor of monthly boxes brimming with fermented goodness from British artisans.

Get your fingers sticky with their small-batch kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and hot sauces, and order an Atlas Microbiome Test to see how these raw, live ferments influence your gut bacteria.

What’s the deal with fermented foods?

Fermented foods have been the mainstay of our culinary history since the dawn of civilisation. In the days before electricity and refrigerators, fermentation was the only way to preserve foods and prevent spoilage.

The beneficial bacteria that make delicious food (Ted Ed)

Every culture around the world has unique fermentation traditions that focus on local produce. In Japan, soybeans provide the base for the intense flavours of miso, natto, and soy sauce. In Iceland, this insular population is famous for kæstur hákarl (fermented shark) and skyr, a fermented dairy product.

We Ferment specialises in fermented foods (often organic and vegan) that infuse exciting flavours into vegetables grown here at home in the UK. Titillate your taste buds and your gut health with umami sea kraut, vegan kimchi, jalapeno hot sauce, and a range of other amazing flavours.

Fermented foods and gut health

Fermented foods are transformed and enhanced through the action of probiotic bacteria, especially Lactobacillus when it comes to vegetables. It starts by chopping and/or massaging salt into the vegetables. This saline environment deters opportunistic bacteria that could make you sick while good bacteria thrive.

Atlas Microbiome Test for gut-friendly foods

As the good bacteria multiply, they produce acetic acid, another substance that discourages bad bacteria. During this process, these friendly microbes make the foods more digestible and even produce vitamins and other molecules that increase the nutritional value of fermented foods.

Our team of microbiome researchers and gut health experts believe that adding fermented foods to your diet can support your gut microbiome health. Unpasteurised fermented vegetables contain probiotic bacteria that contribute to your health in a variety of ways:

Order from We Ferment

Exclusive We Ferment Discount for Atlas Biomed blog

To celebrate this brand new partnership, Atlas customers get a free trial box when they place their first order with the We Ferment team. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code above!

Single-use promo code valid on purchases made by 31 March 2021. Does not apply to shipping costs.

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